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2014-08-05 03:03 pm
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As of 05 AUG 2014, this journal will be FRIENDS-ONLY.

If you want to be added:

(1) please friend me first
(2) leave a comment in this post (the message will be hidden)
(3) let me know where you found out about me and why you want to be added
(4) wait to be added (usually takes a week or so.  I may choose NOT to add you for various reasons)

I am sorry for the trouble and thank you for your understanding!
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2014-03-14 01:27 am
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[Translation] Kenran no Hana, Kassai wo Idake 1+2 (Narumitsu, Ace Attorney)

Edit: Okay I've made necessary corrections to this translation, it's less embarrassing now. XDD There are some quotes from the game in this story, and my translation will be different from how it's officially translated in the English release, so consider yourself warned. ^_^;; Some names remain Japanese because I don't know their English equivalent, sorry. The translation is dedicated to [livejournal.com profile] reppu, who scanned this doujinshi for me back in 2008. The scans are also shared by this generous LJ user. Volunteer typesetter will be revered and adored, so comment maybe! :)


Title: Kenran no Hana, Kassai wo Idake (Dazzling flower, embrace the applause)
Author: Otapyon

PART 1 )

PART 2 )
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2009-03-31 11:30 am
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Nakamura Asumiko Original Illustrations Exhibition

Oooooh I really wish I could've been there~~~ TT______TT