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[Translation] Kenran no Hana, Kassai wo Idake 1+2 (Narumitsu, Ace Attorney)

Edit: Okay I've made necessary corrections to this translation, it's less embarrassing now. XDD There are some quotes from the game in this story, and my translation will be different from how it's officially translated in the English release, so consider yourself warned. ^_^;; Some names remain Japanese because I don't know their English equivalent, sorry. The translation is dedicated to [livejournal.com profile] reppu, who scanned this doujinshi for me back in 2008. The scans are also shared by this generous LJ user. Volunteer typesetter will be revered and adored, so comment maybe! :)


Title: Kenran no Hana, Kassai wo Idake (Dazzling flower, embrace the applause)
Author: Otapyon

Page 3

The sight of him stand tall and proud, putting the blame on himself,

Edgeworth: Your Honor! I am here to confess my crimes!
And it is about the DL-6 Incident, which reaches the statute of limitation today!
The killer,
is I!

so dignified, so beautiful and so heart-breaking, to the point it's almost cruel,

Page 4

I thought I would need to protect you

Wright: I should be able to proof it.
...proof that you are

from all the sorrows in the world.

Chapter Title: You look up at the sky to find there's no one there.

Page 5

Wright: Welcome back.
Welcome back, Edgeworth.

"Let's take a detour."
He's the one who suggested it.

Wright: ...but he hasn't said a word since... *drip drip drip drip*

...oh, well...

The last time we walked together like this

was when we were in grade school.


actually it's probably not a good idea.

*sneeze weeze cough*

Edgeworth: Wright.

Page 6

Wright: Hmm?

Edgeworth: I thought I told you that I didn't want anyone picking me up.

Wright: Did you think I'd listen to you? *just as defiant as usual*

Edgeworth: Mmm.

Wright: I'm just following my own will, that's all.


Edgeworth: Yeah, I know.

Edgeworth: How long were you there for?

Wright: Hmm... since about seven?

Edgeworth: You're an idiot...

Wright: But I didn't know the exact time you'll be out, and you're the kind to leave really early in the morning without telling anyone.
Plus I was awake already anyway.

Edgeworth. Mmm.

Wright: Are you going to visit your father's grave now?

Edgeworth: ...yeah, that's right.... I shall do that.

Wright: Would you like me to go with you? *snicker*

Edgeworth: *look away* No thank you!

Page 7

Wright: What's the matter?

Edgeworth: Wright, is this what it looks like?
It's so...

Wright: ?
You just didn't notice it...
but it has always been there.

Edgeworth: ... I see.

Wright: But really...
it's beautiful, isn't it?

Page 8


Page 9

For a while after that

Edgeworth became mine.

It was a very sweet and loving time.

You were hurt.

and you were very tired.

I knew all about it.

However, I was so carried away by my own happiness

that I failed to see

what was the most important.

"You are"

"just the same as I am."

Note: Prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth, chooses death.

That's why I

realized, for the frist time, that I am actually hollow inside.

Page 10


Page 11

Wright: Hello!!

Maya: *kya!* What's wrong, Nick?
You're yelling!

Wright: Ah?
...oh.... it's you, Maya.

Maya: Don't just say "Oh it's you, Maya"!

Wright: Sorry...

Maya: What happened? I tried calling your office but you wouldn't pick up at all.

Wright: Yeah... I've been out of office a lot lately.

Maya: huh!? But I've called many times... where did you go?

Wright: Well, eh... here and there, many places...

Maya: Hmmph.... ah well, anyway.
You know the room that I stayed in? I left my summer clothes in the drawer.
I hope it's okay if... Nick? Are you listening?

Wright: Ah, ....yeah. I'm listening.

Maya: ....oh right. Where are you now?

Wright: I'm in my room.

Maya: Go out to the balcony.

Wright: Why?

Maya: Just do it!
Come on! Hurry!

Wright: all right, all right.

Page 12

Wright: Woah!

Maya: Are you out there?

Wright: Yeah.

Maya: Hey, the sunset is really beautiful.
Can you see it from over there?

Wright: Yeah, I can see it.

Maya: I can see it really clearly from where I am as well.

Wright: It's beautiful.

Maya: Yeah it is, isn't it?

Wright: Thanks, Maya.

Maya: For what?

Wright: It's nothing.

Wright: So, you called for something, right?

Maya: Ah, oh no, don't worry about it.

Wright: huh? But you said...

Maya: No, actually it wasn't important.
I just wanted to see if you are all right.

Wright: ...thanks.

Page 13

That's right.

Not so long ago, I was still full of hope.

And I thought it was the same for him.

Wright: You understand, right?
After this incident... you're the only person who can decide...
whether you let yourself, the prosecutor in you, live or die!

Edgeworth: ...yeah, I know.
and I should thank you too.
The rest... is my own problem.

Wright: Edgeworth... I'll be waiting for you at court.

Edgeworth: ...

Wright: I'll see you later then.

note: chooses death.

But... that wasn't the case.

Wright: go ahead and let yourself drown
in your own pathetic self-pity...

That was all there is to it.

Page 14

Wright: You're already...


Chapter Title: As the role of the jester

Butz: Ossu!
Are you free-? Of course you're free-!

Wright: Is that the first thing you have to say?
Anyway, shouldn't you at least give me a call before you show up? What are you gonna do if I wasn't here...

Butz: But you are.

Butz: Well then, hurry and get ready!
Makiko's waiting.

Wright: What are you talking about? And who's Makiko?

Butz: IDIOT!
She's my girlfriend, of course!

Wright: How am I supposed to know?

Page 15

butz: I told her I have a friend who's an attorney... and she's all like, I want to meet him~!
So help me out on this one!

Wright: I still have work to do.

Butz: Can't you just do them tomorrow!?
My Chance is NOW! And NOW only!
Which's more important!? Your friend or your work!?

Wright: um... work?

*sob sob*

Butz: oh really is that so you are so cold not that I didn't know already anyway aren't you standing here as an attorney like this because I saved you when we were in grade school you were just thanking me the other day and now in the same breath you're already...

Wright: Okay, okay. I'll go. *sigh*

Butz: Yeah! Oh true friend!

Wright: I'll go, but it doesn't mean I'll be much fun, you know?

Butz: *I know!* I just can't say no to cute girls... *ehe*

Wright: So you're gonna make me say yes to a not-so-cute guy, huh...

Akaya: I'm Akaya.

Makiko: I'm Makiko~!

Lina: I'm Lina!

Butz: And I'm Larry Butz~!

Wright: Hello... I'm Phoenix Wright.

Girl: Both your names are so weird...

Butz: Mine is normal~!

Girl: What do you do?

Butz: Ah, he's a lawyer.

Girl: Oh, really!? That's so cool~!

Wright: haa.....

Butz: This batch is proof of an attorney!

Girl: Wow!

Butz: Like I told you, I'll bring a lawyer friend with me!

Page 16

Butz: And he's never lost a case! He's real famous as an ace attorney in his line of work!

Wright: Butz.

Akaya: That's amazing, Mr. Lawyer.

Wright: Uh, it's not really...

Lina: Mr. Lawyer, do you have a girlfriend?

Wright: uh...

Akaya: So Mr. Lawyer, what kind of girls do you like?

Makiko: What do you think of me?

Butz: Makiko-cha~n?

Lina: Maybe I should ask for you, Mr. Lawyer, if I ever need any help!

Wright: ...

Akaya: This is delicious! Please have some, Mr. Lawyer.

Lina: Mr. Lawyer.

Wright: Butz, a minute.

Wright: ...what on earth was that?

Butz: What do you mean by what?
Aren't you happy to have those pretty girls flirting with you?

Wright: I'm...
Phoenix Wright...
not "Mr. Lawyer".
I'm sorry... I'm going home.
Butz: Ah!

Page 17

Mr. Lawyer
Mr. Lawyer
Mr. Lawyer
Mr. Lawyer
Mr. Lawyer

This batch

is proof of an attorney.

Even though

I no longer know what I've become a lawyer for.

Butz: Hey, Nick!
Can I have a sec with you? Just a sec?

Wright: ...What is it? I'm busy.

Butz: Busy?
Your office is practically closed for business, so what are you busying yourself with?

Butz: you shouldn't have just left like that, it was terrible afterwards!
*waaaaah* if Makiko dumps me, I can't live anymore!

Wright: No one called me by my name.

Butz: huh?

Wright: After yesterday, it made me realize...

Butz: Realize what?

Wright: That people only talk to me because I'm a lawyer.
I don't care anymore. You should go back to your girlfriend too.

Page 18


Butz: Don't acting like a spoiled brat.
They didn't call you by your name?
What about you? Do you remember their names then?

Butz: What do you mean by you don't care?
I don't know why you're suddenly turning all emo on me, but last time I checked, I didn't stick around because you're a lawyer.
When we were kids, I didn't become your friend for your sake.
I was your friend because you're fun, and *I* wanted to hang with you.

Butz: You know, there'a girl out there who's real worried about you, so much so that she would come ask for help from a guy like me.

Wright: Huh?

Butz: So stop burying yourself in your own misery. Open your eyes and look around you properly.

Butz: *geez* This is so not me.

Wright: Butz!

Butz: What now?

Wright: Um... thanks.

Page 19

Butz: *Idiot* I'm not the one you should be apologizing to, y'know?


That's right.

If there are people who care about me

if there are people who need me

I must answer to them.

Because I'm Phoenix Wright, the attorney ...

Title: The night falls, stubbornly

Wright: My job?
It's challenging and I enjoy it.
I guess "enjoy" is probably not the right word...
but I don't mind keeping myself busy.

Since there are people how would came to me for help.

It's only natural for me to want to help them, there's nothing wrong with that, right?

Honestly, there's so much I want to do that I don't even have time to sleep.

That's why I don't have time to think about other things...

Page 20

My ears... are ringing again...





This is


the same dream again.

Page 21

I know that



it is a dream.

Because you are



dead already.


...I know.

Wright: if only I don't have to see these dreams.

If only I don't have to wake up from these dreams.

I wonder when it started?

Page 22

Once I realized, I couldn't have an arousal anymore.

But I still have wet dreams.

This is pathetic.


Wright: ....how


Page 23



*pant pant*

*drip drip*

Wright: Ah....
...it hurts.
It hurts...

Page 24

Title: A flower that blooms in the wild

Wright: Morning. It's cold today isn't it?

Maya: Morning~ eh!!?
What happened to that?

Wright: Oh.
I kinda cut myself by accident. *grin*

Maya: *rush rush* *Geez* You're so careless!

Wright: But I use my left hand when I point at my opponent at court, so that's okay.
It will work out just fine. *ahh...*

Maya: That's not the point!


Maya: !!
... *drip drip*

Wright: Sorry, Maya. *cough cough sneeze sneeze*

Maya: *that's gross* Should I make you some hot tea?

Wright: Ah...um...
I'll make the tea. You go put the mop away and wash your hands.

Maya: *Sure!* I want hot chocolate!

*with two marshmallows!*


Maya: Nick~!
Is the hot chocolate ready?

Page 25

*steaming steaming*


Maya: *Hey, hey!* Watch out! The hot water!
What's the matter? Is your hand hurting too much to hold the kettle?

Wright: No... I was looking for batteries.

*steam steam*

Maya: huh?

Wright: Cos you can't get it to move without batteries, right?

*dies down*

Maya: ..... Sheesh!
I'll make the tea instead, move over there and get ready for work!
*you're in the way!*

Wright: Oh, okay.

Maya: ....... there he goes again.

*pour pour pour*

Nick, I understand.

Page 26

Maya: Ever since I saw you again at the Kurain Village,
I've always felt that something was different.

I vaguely know the reason.
Even now...


and it's exactly because I know the reason

that I can't do anything about it.

I don't know what I should do...

Maya: If it was Mia,
she'd probably be able to do something...

Maya: I
Prosecutor Edgeworth...


Title: Kenran no Hana, Kassai wo Dake 2
Author: Otapyon

Page 3

How can this girl stay so true to herself?

Title: Strong wind, blow up a storm

I've always been perplexed by it. What it really meant was

Page 4

I didn't believe in Edgeworth as much as she did.

Karma: Phoenix Wright! *swoosh*

Wright: Woah!

Karma: ...I'll see you,
tomorrow at court...

I need to teach a certain loser the meaning of victory.

Edgeworth: *sigh* Still difficult, as always (or "still a shrew")

Dick: Please wait for me~!

Wright: .....
Aren't you supposed to be dead? "Prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth"...

Dick: Mr... Mr. Wright! (I don't actually remember how people address each other in the English game. ^_^;; Please verify)

Page 5

Wright: I never...
wanted to see your face again.

Edgeworth: ...what a way to be greeted... after being away for a year... *fu*

Phoenix: Tomorrow's trial... are you planning to attend it?

Edgeworth: Didn't you hear?
That shrew still thinks she's going to win.
I won't be needed here.

Pearl: ......

Edgeworth: You can hate me all you want.
But... there's one thing I have to say.

Edgeworth: Tomorrow at court...
you won't be able to win on your own.
There is one vital thing I have that you're missing.
...and that's an organization.
The power... to dig out the truth.

What is going on?

Page 6

What on earth.... is he thinking...?

Wright: "the truth"?

Edgeworth: In order to understand this case, you need to know a certain truth.
When you're ready for it, let me know.
I'm not the prosecutor in charge of this case...I can give you
the information.

Edgeworth: ...a lot has happened, but still
Prosecutor Manfred Von Karma was my mentor.
'A perfect win'... that is proof of being a Von Karma.

Wright: ...one year ago,
There were two cases... where you were unable to proof the defendant guilty.
That's the reason you left the prosecutor office without a word, isn't it?

Wright: Since your cherished "perfect win" has come to nothing.

Edgeworth: ...

What is this... aren't you supposed to be dead?

Why are you standing here?

Wright: A prosecutor who stands in court for a selfish reason like that...
it would've been better if had you never came back from the dead! Edgeworth!

Edgeworth: If you say so.... I have something to ask you too.
Why do you stand in court then?
...what is your reason?

What do you say such things, looking like that?

Page 7

You shouldn't be here, should you?

Wright: Franziska Von Karma... whenever she sees me, she always says this.

"I will defeat you next time!"

Wright: ...but,
The court is not a place where attorneys and prosecutors fight.
I stand in court for the sake of my clients.
... I do it to save them.

Edgeworth: to 'save'... your clients...?

Wright: I won't approve of a prosecutor... who only thinks about winning the case.
Even if he's someone who people call a "genius".
I'm talking about you. Edgeworth.

You shouldn't be here at all.

Because you're...

Edgeworth: It appears that you've misunderstood.

Wright: Mis, misunderstood...?

Edgeworth: *fuu* ....ah well, you'll probably realize it soon...


already dead dead dead dead dead DEAD

Page 8


Wright: .....why
didn't you dodge...?

Edgeworth: If this is what you want to do, I'm fine with it.

Wright: ...

Page 9

Edgeworth: ...

Wright: Let's go, Pearl.

Pearl: Ah!

Pearl: Mr. Nick?!

*clank clank clank* <- Pearl's sandals

*step step step* <- Phoenix's footsteps

Pearl: Why did you do that?
An adult should never resort to violence!
Hey! Are you listening to me!?
Mr. Nick...?

Page 10

Pearl: What is the matter?
Does your hand hurt?

Wright: it's nothing.

Pearl: That can't be true!
Is it because of Mr. Prosecutor Edgeworth?
That's it, right?
I'll go and slap Mr. Prosecutor Edgeworth for you, Mr. Nick! *angry*

Wright: Wait! wait!!

Pearl: Please let go of me!
Since I am still a child, it's okay if I use violence...

Wright: I'm really all right...

Pearl: But! but!!

Wright: Thanks, for worrying about me.

Wright: Anyway, Pearl, who needs us the most right now?

Pearl: Mystic Maya, of course!

Wright: that's right!
Let's go and save Maya!

Pearl: ....yes sir!

My heart that was once stopped, I can hear it beating again.

*so shameless!!*

Wright: *hehe* I want to ask you about Yukie and Kirio. (Different names in English game)

Page 11

Chapter Title: Dazzling Flowers, embrace the applause

*step step step step step*

*cling cling*


Page 12

Wright: Don't just stand there like that.
You came to see me, right?

Edgeworth: ...

Wright: Here.

Edgeworth: ....Mmm.

Wright: It must've been cold out there. Even though it's springtime, it's still March.

Edgeworth: No, it wasn't that bad.

Wright: Liar.

Wright: How's Prosecutor Von Karma?

Edgeworth: She's fine.
I've delivered the item you gave me.

Wright: I see... that's good.

Edgeworth: Mmm.

Wright: Thanks for today. You really helped me back there.

Edgeworth: We talked about this already.

Wright: Oh, right.

Edgeworth: Mmm.

Wright: ....well, er,
I said a lot of terrible things.

Edgeworth: ....there's no need to apologize.

Page 13

Wright: *scratch scratch* Well~~...
Welcome back.
I still haven't said it, have I?
Welcome back, Edgeworth.

I hated you

I tried my hardest to hate you

Edgeworth: Why!
Why would you!

and hate you and hate you

Edgeworth: How could you...
say those words...so easily!?

I hated you so badly

Wright: It is not easy...
...not easy at all.
It was
.....very painful.

Edgeworth: ...

I wanted to break you completely.

Wright: But, it was even worse for you, wasn't it?

Page 14

But in truth, the person I really hate

is none other

Wright: One year ago... there was nothing else you could do but run away.
I should've known that you are the kind to hide your pain the worse it gets.

Wright: Back then, all I cared about was myself.
I wasn't able to support you the way you really needed.
All you could do was stay wounded, all alone.

Edgeworth: !?

Wright: You were in such a mess
that you'd cling onto anyone's hand that came your way, that was all.

Edgeworth: Wright?

Wright: That's why even after we slept together, you didn't come see me, not once, until Lana's case happened, right?
It was by chance that I was there with you at that moment...

Edgeworth: Wright: That's not true!

Wright: Yes it is!
Why else.... would you disappear then...!?

than myself.

Page 15

Wright: Dammit!

Edgeworth: ...

I didn't mean to say these things.


Edgeworth: ...it's probably true
that I was clinging on to your like you said, . No, actually I'm sure that's true.

Edgeworth: But, you were there because you were meant to be there.
For me.

Edgeworth: It was a conscious effort that you made to be there with me, FOR ME.
That's why it couldn't have been "by chance". It was "inevitable".

Wright: But that was

Edgeworth: Do I need to say more?
At that moment, it was Phoenix Wright who were right there with me.
Not anyone else.

Page 16

Edgeworth: I was the only person who could decide...
whether I let the prosecutor in me live or die...
that's what you said to me.
And I... I couldn't even think of anything back then, let alone finding an answer.

Edgeworth: Whatever started it, I wasn't even able to see where I was heading.
You have no idea... how heavy your words weighed on me
at that time.

Edgeworth: I needed time.
Time... for me to ascertain myself...
as a prosecutor...

Edgeworth: I wasn't shameless enough
to stand against you at court with these doubts in me...

Edgeworth: You hands...
and the way I was back then...
I couldn't just...
clinged onto you
to survive...

Page 17

Edgeworth: I wanted to...
stand....by your side...

Edgeworth: But it's probably...
too late...
to say these things now...

What should I do?

The minute I say it out aloud,

The minute I made it real,

it will become something entirely different.

What should I do...?

Page 18

Edgeworth: Wright.
I know it's a little...
no, it's very...
impudent of me to say this, but...

Edgeworth: Can I touch you hand?
Can I......
touch, your hair?
Can I, touch....
your lips?

Page 19


Page 20

Wright: Thank god...... you're alive...
Oh thank god...!!

Wright: You can regret the past and reflect upon it,
but you can change it...
That's exactly why,
I want to be with you in the present, and think about our future.

Edgeworth: ...you're... such a fool...

Wright: That's so mean. But then,

Wright: *grin* there's no cure for a fool, that's how the saying goes, right?

Edgeworth: !!

Page 21



Wright: Edge...

Edgeworth: I'm....

*drip drip*

Wright: Don't make such a face.
*hey* if it's true
that I'm the one you need,
then give yourself to me,
you now,
and you in the future, all of it.

Page 22



Wright: Edgeworth.


*kiss kiss*

Edgeworth: Hmm.



Wright: Huh!? ....it's gone hard?
*grind grind grind*
*woah* You're kidding!? Really?
It's hard!! *what? woah!*

Edgeworth: *blush* ~~~!!

Page 23

Edgeworth: Aren't you just as hard as I am!? *grab*

Wright: Nonononono, that's not what I mean! Well, Actually it is, but! Edgeworth! *he was impotent before*

Edgeworth: Ah!

Wright: I'm glad.

Edgeworth: Ah, ah! Wright! *grind grind*

*kiss kiss*

*grind grind*

Edgeworth: Hmm, mmfh, Wright, Wright!
Ahh! *shudder*

Wright: huh?

Page 24

Wright: He came?

Edgeworth: Ah.

Wright: Did that feel good?
*so, so cute!*
*unbutton* Edgeworth!

Edgeworth: *fuaa* Wright.
Ah! Ah!

*kiss kiss kiss kiss*

Wright: Edgeworth! Edgeworth! *rub rub

Edgeworth: Ah! Ah! *squish squish*

Wright: Ah, sorry.

Edgeworth: Hmm?

Wright: I think that made a stain.

*open* *soaked through*

Edgeworth: !!
Stop it! Wright!

Wright: ...I want to see it.
Show me.

Page 25




Edgeworth: Ah!


Edgeworht: Nngh!

*suck suck*

Edgeworth: Wright...

Wright: Say it again.
Say my name.

Edgeworth: Wright.

Wright: more.

Edgeworth: Wright.

Wright: yeah.

Edgeworth: Wright.

Wright: yup.

My name coming out
from your thin lips

Edgeworth: Wright!

Page 26

Edgeworth: AH! Wright! *shudder shudder*

*squish squish squish*

Wright: Yeah.

That's all it takes to knock me out of it.

*slicks slick*

Edgeworth: Wright! Ah! Wright!

*tremble tremble tremble*

*kiss kiss kiss*

*squish squish squish*

Edgeworth: Wright.

Wright: Edge-w...mmmph.

*kiss kiss*

Edgeworth: Hmm, ah!
Wright! *kiss kiss kiss*

*shoot shoot shoot*

Page 27


Edgeworth: Ah! That's enough.

Wright: I want to do it more.
...what? Edgeworth?

Edgeworth: More the reason for you to stop.

*unbuckle unbuckle*

*heartbeat heartbeat heartbeat*

Wright: Woah...


Wright: Edgeworth?


Edgeworth: I want you,
like that time...

Wright: Huh!?
Ah! Wait a minute!
Edgeworth! Wait! Ah!


*squish squish squish*

Edgeworth: Ee-ah...

*slide squish*

Wright: Edgeworth!! Wait..!

Page 28

Wright: EDGEWORTH! *shoot*

Edgeworth: *blush* Ah...

Wright: Oh god I came... Ah, ah! *pant*

Edgeworth: Wright.
We're not done yet.

Wright: Huh?

*kiss kiss*

Edgeworth: Not enought. *squeeze*

Wright: Edgeworth...

Edgeworth: Come...

Page 29

His sweet

SFX: mainly "pant" and "squish" on the whole page

Edgeworth: Wr, Wright, Say,

Wright: Huh?

Edgeworth: Say that,
love me!


Wright: !!
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I really love you.

Edgeworth: Ah! Fu-ah!


Page 30

Wright: I LOVE YOU!!

Edgeworth: AAHH!

All of it...

*pant pant pant*

Wright: Edgeworth...

Edgeworth: Fu, fu, ha, ha

Wright: huh? What!?

Edgeworth: You look terrible. *pant pant*

Wright: Look who's talking?
Hey, can I ask you for a favor?

Edgeworth: Mmm?

Page 31

Wright: Say you love me,
and then,
hold me tight?


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I..I..I can die without any worry now!!!

Thank you very much for your wonderful translation!!**sob**

NaruMitsu is my OTOP right now! Oh I love them!

Thank you for accepting me too! //hugggg